International and Regional Information and Marketing Centers "Cooperation"

Due to the fact that MiR IMC is a portal-platform and an ecosystem of interaction, partnership and cooperation between enterprises, organizations, institutions, authorities and entrepreneurs, any enterprise, organization, institution or person can be a member of the system.

By registering on the site you can:
1. Inform about your products or services. Sell what you have. Receive online orders and payment for them.
2. Find what you need. Order and pay online (even without using money).
3. Tell about your business
4. Find information of interest to you at the regional and international level
5. Perform international and national payments for goods, works, services
6. Make international and national transfers to other participants
​​​​​7. Convert funds into various currencies, precious metals and other assets
8. Register your local system, manage and control all business processes of your enterprise online
9. Recommend products and services of other participants to your friends and receive passive income from each sale through your referral link.


Benefits for participants of MiR IMC:
1. Entering new, previously closed markets for products
2. Increase production and sales
3. Retaining the workforce and developing the business
4. Possibility of maximum utilization of free production capacities
5. Reducing the costs associated with marketing and supply
6. Optimization of tax, insurance, pension and other deductions
7. New, alternative sources of funding
8. Saving working capital due to multilateral mutual exchange
9. Sources for new purchases appear due to new sales
10. Saving the internal resources of the enterprise
11. Concentration of the enterprise on core activities
12. Reducing the risks associated with the conclusion of contracts and the organization of deliveries
13. Possibility to sell non-core goods and services.
You can save money on marketing, advertising, distribution and supply.


We invite everyone to participate and cooperate!

Register now by clicking on this link.

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