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Legal entities are enterprises, organizations, institutions of any form of ownership that are officially registered for the purpose of carrying out statutory activities on a regular basis.

All information you fill out through the form on the site and sent via communication channels is protected by end-to-end data encryption.

Your data is securely protected. We do not transfer any of your data to tax or other regulatory authorities.

To start working with the system, no official data is required. For example, registration address, registration number, tax number, etc. - no need!
You independently determine your type of participant in the system for the convenience of other participants with whom you will interact. 

1. Recommended browser for working with the Mozilla system; Chrome.
2. All fields of the form are required.
3. As a Login, you must use at least 3 (Three) characters of the Latin keyboard layout. Email or phone number can also be used.
You cannot use special characters in the login, such as ' (apostrophe), " (quotation marks), \ (backslash), - (hyphen) and others. Only . (dot), @ (dog), _ (underscore) are acceptable.
4. As a working email, you must use an email to which you have access. You can only register one account per email.
5. Enterprises, organizations, institutions and other business entities must indicate in the Name of the enterprise the official name of the institution from the registration documents (indicate the organizational and legal form at the end).
Local government bodies, territorial communities (united territorial communities), local executive authorities must add the name of the district and region to the official name.
6. If the Country is not on the list; Region; District; Locality, it is allowed to enter the name manually in the state language.
7. After filling out the form, click the "Submit" button.
The information will be saved in the system. A message will be instantly sent to your email address that you specified during registration to activate your account.
(If there is no email, check your SPAM folder and move our email to the white list).

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After registering, you will be redirected to the login page.

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