International and Regional Information and Marketing Centers "Cooperation"


Our mission is to sell your goods and services and provide you with the products you need.

People are looking for your products and services, we help them find you.

Members of the system reduce their costs, increase their income, increase turnover, improve their image, get new distribution channels and more new paying customers.

Saved means earned.

Based on your application forms, the system and our specialists help you to find new customers and suppliers.
To do this, we analyze the needs of other participants, advertise your offers among the target audiences of your potential buyers.
We send them letters and presentations about your proposals. We can negotiate and meet with your future clients.
And if they are interested in your products or services, we transfer them to you for the conclusion of direct sales contracts.

This is possible due to the fact that all participants are united on a common resource MiR IMC, where they post their proposals and needs, for the processing of their applications by the organizers of the resource, and not just by the participants themselves.

We invite everyone to participate and cooperate!

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