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International and Regional Information and Marketing Centers "Cooperation"

If you are in search of new areas of activity or self-realization; have experience working with large volumes of information; ready for constant contacts and interaction with people, enterprises, authorities; and are also interested in receiving income for their work,
We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information for Local Representatives of the MiR IMC.

A local MiR IMC office is a national, regional or local information and marketing center with staff that provides assistance to system participants at their location.

The national local representative office of the MiR IMC serves participants within its country.
The regional local representative office of the MiR IMC serves participants within its region, oblast, state, etc.
The district local representative office of MiR IMC serves participants within their district, county, etc.
The local representative office of the MiR IMC serves participants within its locality, district in the city, street, house.

The local representative office of the MiR IMC carries out its activities at the expense of the budget, which is generated from all sources of income of the MiR IMC from the territory served by the local representative office. The share of the local representative's budget can reach 70% of income.

Objectives of the Local Representative Office of the MiR IMC:

  1. Popularization of the capabilities of the MiR IMC platform, attracting new participants
  2. Assisting participants with registration
  3. Consultation of participants about the possibilities of their Personal Accounts
  4. Processing information published by system participants
  5. Classification of information posted by participants in advertisements
  6. Helping participants find the information they need
  7. Studying the needs of participants, helping in finding what they need
  8. Studying the proposals of participants, assistance in marketing the proposed
  9. Conducting negotiations, promoting goods and services of participants
  10. Assistance in concluding transactions
  11. Servicing the accounts of MSVR participants
  12. Interaction with local authorities
  13. Help in solving social problems of the territory
  14. Interaction with other Local Representatives around the world.

The list of tasks is incomplete and serves to represent possible areas of activity of the local representative office.

The local representative office of the MiR IMC operates on the basis of an agreement and the acquisition of a license for the right to service participants of the MiR IMC.
The base license fee is One (1) US Dollar for each person residing in the area served by the local office.
More detailed information about the terms of cooperation and purchasing a license can be obtained by contacting the central office of the MiR IMC.

We invite you to participate and cooperate!

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